Marriage Matters

When I think of why I'm here, the answer is simple. 

Most photographers will tell you they're here because they love to create, because photography is their passion, etc. While that's very true, and does play a significant role in why I chose this career, I'm here for something more meaningful. I'm here because of marriage.

More than anything, we believe in love and in lasting marriages. As a husband and wife team, what an incredible opportunity we have to leave a legacy of love! We want to impact each and every one of our couples, and be a positive example of what marriage should be. One of our biggest goals is to change the world's perception of marriage - to show that it is important, it is valuable. Our hope is that each and every one of our couples will grow old together, will be married for 70 of their 90 years on earth, will go through it all - ups, downs, compromise and everything in between - and still hold hands, share whispered sentiments, and love each other more and more every day. 

I want my marriage to be more beautiful than my wedding

These couples - those eagerly anticipating their new life together, those who know that it's what comes after their wedding day that is the most important - are the couples we are most excited to work with. They share our same values and dreams. They make all of the hours of prepping, traveling, shooting and editing worthwhile. To these couples, thank you! Thank you for trusting us to capture your beginning, for giving us the opportunity to serve you, and for allowing us to celebrate with you as you start this new journey together! We don't take for granted the fact that we get to document something so beautiful. It's not the details, nor the dress, nor the flowers that we are most excited to capture. It's the commitment you are making to each other as you say your vows. It's the abundance of love that is shown throughout the entire day. It's the meaning behind the day. It's the beginning of your marriage, of your life together, and of a future with so many possibilities.

We are not experts, and we don't claim to have the perfect marriage, but if there's one thing we want you to take away from this site, whether or not you choose to hire LWP as your wedding photographers, it's to see the meaning of a beautiful and lasting marriage.